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For sim racing enthusiasts, force feedback is the holy grail of immersion. It’s the feeling of the road beneath your virtual tires, the subtle vibrations of the engine, and the satisfying resistance as you take a corner. While the Fanatec CSL DD and Gran Turismo DD Pro wheel bases deliver exceptional force feedback, there’s always room for more. Enter the Fanatec Boost Kit.

This unassuming upgrade acts as a power supply on steroids, unlocking the full potential of your Direct Drive wheelbase. Here’s what you get:

  • Increased Force Feedback: The Boost Kit bumps up the force feedback output from 5Nm to a whopping 8Nm. That means you’ll feel even the most delicate tire slip, the nuances of weight transfer, and the raw power of acceleration with incredible detail.
  • Plug-and-Play Simplicity: Installation is a breeze. Simply swap the original power supply with the Boost Kit, and you’re ready to go. No complicated configurations or software updates needed.
  • Enhanced Realism: With the increased force feedback, the line between virtual and reality blurs. You’ll react instinctively to the feedback, pushing your limits and honing your racing skills like never before.

Is the Fanatec Boost Kit Right for You?

If you own a compatible Fanatec wheel base (CSL DD or Gran Turismo DD Pro) and crave the most immersive sim racing experience possible, the Boost Kit is a no-brainer. It’s a relatively affordable upgrade that delivers a significant leap in force feedback, making you feel every aspect of the track.

Discounts on the Boost KIT

Amazon – > $60 (Please note pricing is subject to change)

AliExpress – > $30 (Please note pricing is subject to change)

Ready to Take Your Sim Racing to the Next Level?

If you’re a serious sim racer seeking the ultimate in force feedback, the Fanatec Boost Kit is a worthwhile investment. It’s a simple upgrade that unlocks a world of detail and immersion, making you feel every inch of the virtual track. So buckle up, tighten your virtual belts, and prepare to experience sim racing like never before.

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